8.28.2008 - First Post and First Bike Check

Those of you who know me know I've never been much of a BMX freestyle rider. I usually ride a 24 inch cruiser that I'll probably alsoblog about, but that's mostly for traveling and occasionally a few recreational journeys. All in all, I'm not much of a freestyle rider. It's not that freestyle doesn't interest me, it's more that I doubt I have the attributes (besides power, speed, strength, and balance, but also just straight out guts) to be good at it. Nevertheless, I came to realize that I've gone on too long without breaking anything, so I've got to concur my fear.

I found my brother's old BMX bike. He used to be really into riding until about halfway through college. At the time he had a pretty sweet setup. When he stopped riding, the bike was just left in the garage, hung up on a rack to collect dust. Just recently I rode it to work. The guys at work, who recognize all of the products I had on it, called that thing an antique!

The bike ran parts that have been out of stock for a long while and it weight a ton -- 33 lbs to be exact. To put it in perspective, most bikes these days are about 10 lbs lighter. I thought about getting a new bike frame and build it completely from the ground up, but now I'm thinking that wouldn't be quite as fun. So before I do a complete makeover, here is the bike I'll be riding.

FRAME- S&M 20 in.

FORK- Odyssey Dirt Forks (the old heavy kind)

BARS- Odyssey Milk Bars

GRIPS- Odyssey Gedda Grips

BAR ENDS- Odyssey Bar Savers

STEM- Odyssey

LEVER- Odyssey Evo

BRAKES - Odyssey Pitbull

FRONT WHEEL- Odyssey Hazard Lites - Odyssey Vandero Hub

REAR WHEEL Odyssey Hazard Lites - 48H with 13t Hazard hub set

FRONT TIRE- Odyssey Earth Science (I just noticed there was a rip in it)

REAR TIRE- Odyssey Earth Science

SADDLE- Odyssey Business Class (The don't get any bigger than this!)

POST- Odyssey Jim's Beam

CLAMP- Odyssey


SPROCKET- Odyssey 25t

PEDALS- Odyssey Southgate (HEAVY!)

love to hear from you